Student Entrepreneurial Enterprise


The University of Guyana Institute of Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship responds to the needs of students and staff for a platform to enter the world of commerce. Specifically, the Student Entrepreneurial Enterprise aims to facilitate the commercialization of ideas emanating from young people. Two types of projects will be initially considered:

  • Student Final Year projects
  • Student technological business concepts

Overall Objective

Facilitation of commercialisation of ideas emanating from primarily young University students, alumni and other tertiary level persons through their final year projects as well as from original ideas or improvements to current technology. Research and Innovation ideas will be distilled and facilitated to enter industry as businesses.

Students will be guided in elaborating entrepreneurial activities. Cross disciplinary teams will be encouraged. Students will have the opportunity to incubate their ideas.

Proposed Programmes 2020-2021

  • Orientation to business on a technological platform
  • Business opportunities in each field of study based on student research or known technologies
  • Cross discipline businesses
  • Preparing and modifying business plans
  • Mastering business elements –through incubators or accelerators
  • Funding
  • Competitions showcasing
  • Resources for Business


All students at UG and allied tertiary institutions will be invited to join the student enterprise.